We're offering ideal tools for you to use on your Windows PCs: practical, powerful, and user-friendly applications which will allow you to view and print various types of charts, using various techniques employed by astrologers around the globe. 
Our programs are international in scope, available in English, French, Italian and Spanish, providing for historical as well as current techniques -- from Ancient Hindu to European Classical to the latest Midpoint Astrology techniques -- as well as astrological research functions. 
You can download a demonstration version of Astro-PC, Infociel, and Special Uranian Astrology in order to test them at home, using a chart of your choice, for which you enter the data.

The price mentioned for each software is given in Euros. Other currencies are available by clicking on the menu “Select your currency” in the top right. You may also use the following website for exchange rates: Oanda.

The Aureas programs are sold in a DVD box (19 x 13.5 cm) containing a CD-Rom. They can also be downloaded from our website to avoid shipping charges. For more information, see the section “Shipping method”.

   ASTRO-PC programs   

Astro-PC (in English, French, Spanish, and Italian) is the most comprehensive and most popular of our programs. Its current state of development required many years of hard work, and it undergoes continual updates and improvements in response to the needs of the astrological community. Wherever important new astrological techniques of substance develop, we strive to integrated them into our program for your use.
Astro-PC is powerful, accurate, and easy to use.  Tutoring lessons and extensive on-screen help are available for learning and navigating through the program. Astro-PC is ergonomic, aesthetically designed, readily customized, and answers the needs of most all astrologers. Its technical design, scientific data input format, varied graphic and print options, and remarkable print quality make the program of noteworthy value.

Astro-PC comes in two versions: a layman's version called BASIC, and a professional version, called PRO. You can update your program from Basic to Professional version at any time, for instance if you need more astrological functions.
The listed price includes the program itself, handbook (on-screen or in hard copy, if your software was shipped by mail), and free assistance by email with qualified Customer Service.
Click on the desired program for more information:

   INFOCIEL programs   

In addition, various INFOCIEL special application modules have sprung out of the ASTRO-PC program and follow the same compatibility standards. Each INFOCIEL module contains selected functions from ASTRO-PC, plus extras in some cases, designed to meet the needs of specialist methods and techniques. Thus there is a module for those using Traditional astrology, another for Karmic astrology, another for Uranian astrology, and others for still other schools and techniques.  Many, but not all, of these, are available in English.
One key feature of our astrological programs is that they automatically work together if you choose to add other modules together with them, like Astro-PC. You may start with one and add others according to your needs in order to build a combined set that suits specialist needs and work habits.

  • Infociel Windows: This program includes the functions most frequently used in astrology, as well as functions according to the humanistic school of astrology, including the mandala display. It also includes a Biorhythms function. 
  • Special Uranian Astrology: This is a program specifically designed to implement Uranian Astrology as taught by 50-year practitioner and specialist Ruth Brummund.  It includes Aureas on-screen dials for precision midpoint analysis, authoritative Brummund midpoint interpretations with an on-screen searchable Lexicon of midpoints, Aureas Atlas, Time Change Files, Graphic Ephemeris, Basic Research Functions, and the Brummund Uranian Mandala psychological profiling tool, all built-in and included as a single, standard, comprehensive package.
  • Other software: Programs for Numerology, Tarot, and other techniques are offered in addition to Astrology programs -- available only in French for the moment. For more information, see our French web site

  MULTI-USER LICENSE - Software security  

Aureas programs are provided with security devices to avoid illegal copies and to afford continued after-sales service. Our programs are sold with a single user license, and are consequently intended for use on a single computer. If you want to use a program on various PCs, you can acquire a USB security key.  See this page for more information.
Warning: The USB security key is currently out of stock and no longer available. If you want to use the program on two computers, see the next paragraph.

  INSTALLATION ON A SECOND COMPUTER:   If you use two computers (but no more), an installation on a second PC is also possible for an additional cost of 50 €, so without having to use a USB key and taking the risk of losing it. Click here to purchase a second serial number at the same time than your software.


Astro-PC Basic version

Astro-PC Professional version

Infociel Windows

Special Uranian Astrology

Installation on a second computer

Multi-user USB security key (product no longer available)