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As stated in the “Software” section, Aureas programs are provided with security devices to avoid illegal copies and to afford continued after-sales service. Our programs are sold with a single user license, and are consequently intended for use on a single computer.   

If you want to use a program on various PCs, you can acquire a USB security key (also called dongle). It is better then to buy it along with the software if you think to use it later on other computers. In this case, the software will be necessarily sent by mail. You can find more information about this dongle in the user's guide, which can be downloaded from the “Downloads” page or with this link. Note that you can purchase only one dongle. If you buy several Aureas programs at the same time, you will be provided a single USB key, which will include all the licenses of the programs that you have purchased.

Note: This product is currently out of stock and no longer available. If you want to use the program on two computers, see the next paragraph.

  INSTALLATION ON A SECOND COMPUTER:   If you use two computers, an installation on a second PC is also possible for an additional cost of 50 €, so without having to use a USB key and taking the risk of losing it. Click here to purchase a second serial number at the same time as your software.




You will find below the upgrade prices for our programs version 12 compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP-sp3 (not compatible with Windows 11 and 10 in S Mode or ARM, Windows Phone or Windows 8 RT). Prices depend on the program and version you are using. This information is available in your astrological software: click on the Help menu and select “Info on...”  The window that displays will state your program name and its version number (11, 10, 9.5, 8.7,  8.0...).

When making an upgrade, you will keep the actual serial number of your program, except if you acquired this one with a USB security key. 

Please note that the prices stated below do not include the shipping charges for the new user's guide and CD-Rom, that depend on the country where you are living. For UK and Europe, the amount is of 19 Euros. For other countries, see here. Note that we recommend to download the upgrade (program and user's guide) via our website to avoid paying shipping costs and possible custom fees.

If you have any doubt about your update, do not hesitate to send us an email to

For more information about the improvements made in our version 12 release, see this page. For the new functions and options of the previous versions of our programs, see here.

Note: You can not order an upgrade from our website. If you want to upgrade a previous program, send an e-mail to with your contact information (name and serial number of your software). You will receive an e-mail confirmation with the total amount and the available means of payment.

Update price if you have a software Version 11:

 Astro-PC  Professional version: 90 Euros
 Astro-PC  Basic version: 70 Euros
 Infociel Windows: 60 Euros
 Special Uranian Astrology: 60 Euros

Price to update your Version 10:

 Astro-PC  Professional version: 130 Euros
 Astro-PC  Basic version: 120 Euros
 Infociel Windows: 80 Euros
 Special Uranian Astrology: 80 Euros

If you have a Version 9.5:

 Astro-PC  Professional version: 170 Euros
 Astro-PC  Basic version: 160 Euros
 Infociel Windows: 100 Euros
 Special Uranian Astrology: 100 Euros

You have a Version 8.5 or 8.7:

 Astro-PC  Professional version: 250 Euros
 Astro-PC  Basic version: 230 Euros
 Infociel Windows: 120 Euros
 Special Uranian Astrology: 120 Euros

Update price if you have a Version 8.0:

 Astro-PC  Professional version: 320 Euros
 Astro-PC  Basic version: 260 Euros
 Infociel Windows: 120 Euros
 Special Uranian Astrology: 120 Euros

Price for the owners of an old Version 7.0:

 Astro-PC  Professional version: 400 Euros
 Astro-PC  Basic version: 260 Euros
 Infociel Windows: 120 Euros


Other programs:

To know the prices of the upgrades for other versions or programs, or if you want to upgrade various programs at the same time, send us an e-mail.




If your order has been shipped by mail, you may have a trace of the parcel using the tracking number that you received by e-mail. To get this information, enter the number in the box below and click on the Track button.

If you have delivery problems, do not hesitate to contact us.


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