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Software for PC with Windows (see configuration below) - Version 12


  • Astro-PC can produce produce several different types of chart on-screen, and for printout, for nearly any date, time, or place in the world...
  • Its calculation time frame covers over 12,000 years of ephemerides -- Gregorian or Julian calendar -- any chart from the year 4000 B.C. to the year 8000 A.D. with accuracy suitable for most any type of delineation. High accuracy of 1.5 seconds of an arc for the years 1900 to 2050.
  • Astro-PC works in tropical zodiac or sidereal zodiac with a number of options you can program yourself. You can also define unequal constellations and include or exclude corrections for Nutation, display of fixed stars, etc.
  • The parallax can be taken into account in certain astronomical computations.

Data input:

  • The data input format is scientific in format, originally designed for research, and practical.  Two input modes are available: a full mode, for former users of our programs, and a simplified format, more intuitive for new customers. Help files are integrated to facilitate the input process.
  • Preloaded Daylight Saving Time and Summer Time tables cover the entire world: more than 700 countries and states based on research data from Françoise Schneider-Gauquelin, Aureas, and Blake Finley. There are help files with comments for each country or state. Updates of the Daylight/Summer Time files can be done easily from the program or our website.
  • Several tens of thousands of geographical locations for cities around the world are stored in memory, including all major cities.  If needed, data for more remote locations can be entered manually and stored.
  • You can save an unlimited number of charts and organize them in various files: clients, colleagues, family, friends, etc., and these can be accessed at any time.
  • More than 25000 charts of celebrities, organized by category, including athletes, politicians, actors, scientists, and other professions, are included with Astro-PC. Birth information has been verified by specialists in birth records analysis.
  • The database searches (countries, cities, saved charts) can be made quickly and easily with various methods. A management function for the natal charts files allows you to organize them as you wish. 

Astro-PC is versatile:

  • There are numerous programmable options -- Astro-PC can be tailored to most any astrological system and most any astrologer's specification: more than 300 choices and options are available.
  • Options windows allow you to automatically set up the program to the standard options of about twenty different schools of Astrology -- Traditional, Uranian, Humanistic, Sidereal, Karmic, Indian/Vedic, for example. Of course, you can also make your personal settings.
  • More than 20 chart format types can be displayed on the screen: Ascendant or Aries on the left, Indian/Vedic charts, traditional square charts, double zodiac, fixed houses, mandala charts, external zodiac, uranian midpoint charts, and others.
  • Fourteen computation methods for measuring planetary strength/weight -- You can modify the rulerships of the planets in the signs.
  • 32 aspects can be displayed -- 5 major aspects, 14 minor aspects, and 13 programmable aspects -- with information in the data tables specifying if the aspect is applying or separating, dexter or sinister. Special options are available for “false aspects” or dissociated aspects.
  • Adjustable orbs, by aspect in the simplified method, or by aspect and planet in the advanced method. An expert setting window allows also to configure the orbs by planetary pairs and by aspects.  
  • Choice of 112 asteroids (see below); True, Mean, or Corrected Lunar Apogee (Black Moon); Solar Apogee (Black Sun); True or Mean Lunar Nodes; and you tell the program what you want to see displayed on the chart, with or without aspects.
  • You can display many optional factors on charts: East Point, Vertex, Point at 90° from Asc, Sunrise point, Sunset point, Ura/Sat midpoint, Sat/Ura midpoint (according to C.Castanier), New Moon position, Full Moon position, two manually-specified External points, and the Transneptunian factors from the Hamburg school: Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Poseidon, Vulkanus. Version 11 also offers: Anti-Vertex, Hermes Pole, Galactic Center, Galactic Plane, Gamma Point Maxwell, Sensorium Point (as per Catherine Castanier), Logos or PointK (according to P.B. Decroze).
  • Many Arabic parts are included, and this feature can be customized.
  • Eighteen house systems: Placidus, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Koch, and others.
  • 112 asteroids are available: Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Sedna, Varuna, Quaoar, Ixion, Orcus (2004DW), 2002AW197, 1992 QB1, Astraea, Amor, Psyche, Eros, Pholus, Nessus, Haumea (2003 EL61), Eris/Xena (2003 UB313), Makemake (2005 FY9), Sappho, Hygiea, and many others. Computation frame: from 1600 to 2400.
  • Heliocentric astrology: various functions are available, such as natal chart, transits, comparisons and solar returns.
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly activate the different groups of the astrological toolbox, perform the main functions of the program, and so on. For example, just press “n” to display directly the Natal chart, without using the menus.

Screen display:

  • Charts can be displayed to cover the full screen, or placed side by side (on two neighboring windows), superimposed in dual wheels, or superimposed in triple wheels.  Astro-PC can display multiple windows, i.e. you can see different charts in several windows, and the windows can be click-and-dragged around the screen to suit your needs.  Many charts can be resized by clicking the borders and resizing to your needs.
  • The colors of signs, planets, aspects, and other chart elements can be easily modified. Intercepted signs can be displayed with a different color than the other signs.
  • For the background of the astrological charts, many options are possible: astronomical image (example), scroll style image (example), single color (example) or color gradient (example). Similarly, the background of the signs may be displayed without color (transparent), with a solid color or with a color gradient (example).
  • The size of planets, signs, characters, and aspect lines in the chart can be adjusted.
  • The display of tables, and alterations of some chart elements can be quickly changed using the tools window buttons.
  • You can display midpoints, transneptunian factors, arabic parts, asteroids, and other factors around the periphery of standard charts.
  • If you work with different types of charts (classical / uranian / sidereal / tropical etc.), you can pre-configure up to 11 different options files, and change from one set to the other, according to your needs at the given moment.


  • Astro-PC computes all types of usual charts: natal charts, solar and lunar returns, transits, secondary progressions, converse and symbolic directions.
  • It can also display a number of specialized charts on-screen: angular charts (Gauquelin sectors), geocentric charts, heliocentric charts, local space charts, uranian charts, harmonic charts, horary charts (with ruler and dates), monthly solar return charts, solar and lunar ingress charts, progressed new moon charts, solar arc chart, and more.
  • Astro-PC displays compared charts for synastry, the composite midpoint charts (relationship charts), and the midspace/midtime chart.
  • The real time clock chart allows you to visualize on the screen the motion of the transits with an adjustable time increment of your choice.

Tools window and Contextual menu:

  • A complete tools palette allows you to perform many functions quickly and easily: with a simple click of the mouse, your screen will show the previous or following solar return -- or any other return or direction -- immediately changing the parameters of the chart displayed on the screen. 
  • With Astro-PC, two skins are available for the display of the tools palette: a classic skin or another more intuitive and colorful.
  • Contextual menu: when a chart is displayed on the screen, you can get many complementary information about it using the right button of the mouse. This will show an extra menu with several choices, depending on the software you are using. The contextual menu is for example available by clicking on a Planet, a House cusp, an Aspect, a Sign. If you click at the bottom of the chart or at another point, the contextual menu that appears allows you to get various information about the chart (midpoints, transneptunian planets, etc.).

Astrological / astronomical maps:

  • Special maps and graphics help you to understand and delineate a chart:
  • Map of the Azimuth coordinates (with or without fixed stars), Astro-geographical map with zoom function, Celestial map (spherical or flat), Graphic ephemerides, Septenary diagram, Graphic charts of planetary chains and planetary strength/weight, Astrological tree of life, etc.

Data tables:

  • Astro-PC displays a significant number of data tables. Among them are:
  • Accurate positions of planets in signs and houses -- solar houses, lunar houses, Nakshatras, or Ptolemy's terms.
  • Aspects: sorted or unsorted; parallels and declinations; harmonic aspects; midpoint trees.
  • Astronomical data, karmic data, midpoints, eclipses, Arabic parts, harmonics, planetary strength/weight, domitudes, distances in longitude and more.
  • Family resemblances: you can do certain types of genealogical/astrological searches with chart files of families or groups.

Ephemerides and Tables of Houses:

  • You can print out pages of ephemerides as in our New International Ephemerides 1900-2050 and also get pages of tables of houses as in our book Tables of Houses”.
  • Ephemerides: With this function, you can view on screen or print tables of planetary positions as in our paper book.  Example
  • With Astro-PC, you have even more possibilities: You can get the ephemerides with the tropical or the sidereal zodiac, and that for the years 3000 BC to 3000 AD.
  • Tables of Houses: like for the ephemerides, you can view on screen or print out pages of Tables of Houses, for whatever latitude in degrees and minutes, thus more accurately than our paper book. You can also select different house systems. The calculation method most frequently used is Placidus, but you can select many others (Regiomontanus, Campanus, and more).   Example


  • Statistics functions allow you to do research in the charts of celebrities and others: you can for example get the distribution of the Sun in the 10th house among politicians, see all natal charts having a Sun-Pluto square or the Moon in Libra, and more. The results are displayed in the form of tables or graphs.


  • With this function you can get the graphics of your Physical, Emotional and Intellectual cycles for any day.

Delineation texts:

Astro-PC Basic version allows you to create and view delineation texts for the following areas:

  1. Natal Chart, with several choices of emphasis: Planets+Ascendant+MC in signs; planets in houses; aspects (major and minor).
  2. Chart comparison (synastry): Delineation of aspects made between the planets+Asc+MC of two different charts.
  3. Solar Returns: SR houses in natal houses; SR houses in signs; SR planets in SR houses; SR planets in natal houses; SR planets in signs; Aspects between SR planets; Aspects between SR Planets and natal planets.
  4. Planetary strength/weights.
  5. Aspects in transit charts.
  6. Progressions/Directions charts.
  7. Symbolic degrees.
  8. Planets in containment.

Important note: The delineation files are sold blank. You may either fill them with your own astrological delineations, or purchase those compiled by Aureas (primarily in French, but also in other languages in the future). Texts can be edited at your discretion and are sold separately.

Program environment:

  • Installation and configuration of the application are quite easy due to installation help screens. 
  • Complete on-screen help and printable user's guide available at any time.
  • There are many other helps to become familiar with the use of the program: Tips of the day when you start the software, automatic display of information when the mouse is on a function, contextual menus, and more.
  • Chart and Table graphics/data can be pasted into word processing and graphics programs. Chart export in BMP or JPG format. Data export in Text, RTF or Excel format.
  • High quality printing on most all printers.
  • Friendly Customer Service.
  • Note that Astro-PC can run as a unit with Special Uranian Astrology if you buy both programs.

The program is supplied on a CD-Rom or can be downloaded from our website. Minimum configuration required: hard disk with 160 Mb of free space, CD-Rom drive or Internet connection, Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP-sp3 (not compatible with Windows 11 and 10 in "S mode" or ARM, Windows Phone or Windows 8 RT). This program is protected against illegal copying (see the Software security page for more information), and is supplied as a single-user version. If you want to use it on two computers, see here.

Sample Charts:

Natal chart:
-- Screen display
-- Display with fixed signs (type 1)
-- Fixed signs (type 2)
-- Fixed houses (type 1)
-- Fixed houses (type 2)
-- Mandala display
-- With Index
-- Landscape orientation
-- With Asteroids
-- With Uranian Transneptunian factors
-- Continental European chart
-- Double zodiac chart (tropical & sidereal)
-- Adjacent display
-- Dual ring display
-- Midpoints chart 

Solar Return (dual ring, fixed signs)
Transits (dual ring, fixed signs)
Solar Arc chart (dual ring display)
Progressed New Moon (dual ring display)
3 Levels chart (fixed signs)
3 Levels chart (fixed signs 2)
3 Levels chart (fixed houses)
Yearly New Moons
Planetary chains
Planetary strengths
Astro-Geographical map
Azimuth map
Angular map
Graphic Ephemeris (any harmonic)
Uranian chart (90° display)
Uranian chart (45° display)
Delineation window

To download a Demo version, click here