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Software for PC with Windows (see configuration below) - Version 12


  • Practical, efficient, and easy to use, Infociel Windows is a graphic astrology application for personal computers with Windows.
  • It includes the functions most frequently used by most astrologers --Traditional astrology, as well as Humanistic astrology-- at a very reasonable price.
  • Large time frame for computations: up to 12,000 years of ephemerides -- from the year 4000 B.C. to the year 8000 A.D. High accuracy of 1.5 seconds of an arc for the years 1900 to 2050.
  • Complete and scientifically-formatted data input. Save and recall functions for an unlimited number of charts.
  • More than 3000 charts of celebrities are stored in memory, with birth data verified by P. Petitallot, birth records analyst.
  • Daylight Saving Time and geographical locations of cities around the world are built in: more than 550 countries and states, with notes and references, data from Françoise Schneider-Gauquelin, Aureas, and Blake Finley.
  • Thousands of geographic locations for cities are pre-loaded -- others can be entered manually.
  • Copy charts and tables to other applications such as your word processor with a single cut and paste command.
  • A user-friendly toolbox provides shortcuts to access various functions with a click of the mouse. Returns, directions, and other functions for the previous/next year can be obtained with a single click of the mouse.
  • Installation and configuration of the application are quite easy due to installation help screens.  A user's guide with tutorial and extensive screen help are available upon request.
  • Quality printing on most all printers.
  • Friendly Customer Service.


  • Presentation of charts: Full page/full screen, side by side, or superimposed in a single chart.    Zoom function to enlarge or reduce viewing size of charts.
  • Chart displays can be altered to: Ascendant on the left, Aries on the left, External Zodiac, Humanistic mandala, or two methods of Fixed houses.
  • Adjustable size of many elements in the chart. Choice of the symbols for houses, planets, signs, etc.
  • The color of each element --sign, planet, aspect-- can be changed individually to suit your preferences.
  • 19 aspects available, 5 major aspects and 14 minor aspects, with programmable orbs.
  • Option choice of 5 asteroids (Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta), the Lunar Apogee (True, Mean or Corrected Black Moon), Solar Apogee (Black Sun), Lunar Nodes (True or Mean), Part of Fortune...
  • Various data tables -- aspects, positions... 

Functions and computations:

  • Natal chart.
  • Transits.
  • Solar returns.
  • Lunar returns.
  • Secondary progressions.
  • Symbolic directions.
  • Chart comparisons -- Synastry.
  • Midpoints between two charts.
  • New Moon cycles -- charts and dates.
  • Full Moon cycles -- charts and dates.
  • Progressed New Moon chart with dates.
  • Secondary progressions.
  • Dates of the progressed New Moon.
  • Symbolic degrees.

Other options available:

  • Static, dynamic, or step-by-step Transits -- the amount of motion through time can be programmed.
  • House systems: Placidus, Regiomontanus, Campanus or Equal houses.
  • Planetary strength/weight -- several methods -- with graphics you can adjust directly on the screen.
  • Various data tables: planetary positions, aspects, and others.
  • Dynamic screen display on the chart: aspects planet by planet, degrees and minutes, planetary strengths/weights.

Ephemerides and Tables of Houses:

  • You can print out pages of ephemerides as in our New International Ephemerides 1900-2050 and also get pages of tables of houses as in our book Tables of Houses”.
  • Ephemerides: with this function, you can view on screen or print tables of planetary positions as in our paper book.  Example
  • Tables of Houses: like for the ephemerides, you can view on screen or print out pages of Tables of Houses, for whatever latitude in degrees and minutes, thus more accurately than our paper book. You can also select different house systems. The calculation method most frequently used is Placidus, but you can select others (Regiomontanus, Campanus...).   Example


  • With this function you can get the graphics of your Physical, Emotional and Intellectual cycles for any day.

The program is supplied on a CD-Rom or can be downloaded from our website. Minimum configuration required: hard disk with 160 Mb of free space, CD-Rom drive or Internet connection, Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP-sp3 (not compatible with Windows 11 and 10 in "S mode" or ARM, Windows Phone or Windows 8 RT). This program is protected against illegal copying (see the Software security page for more information), and is supplied as a single-user version. If you want to use it on two computers, see here.

Sample Charts:

Natal chart:
-- Screen display
-- Display with fixed signs (type 1)
-- Fixed signs (type 2)
-- Fixed houses (type 1)
-- Fixed houses (type 2)
-- Mandala display
-- With Index
-- Landscape orientation
-- With Asteroids
-- Continental European chart
General summary of the chart

-- Adjacent display
-- Dual ring display
-- Midpoints chart 
Solar Return (dual ring, fixed signs)
Transits (dual ring, fixed signs)
Progressed New Moon (dual ring display)
Yearly New Moons
Planetary strengths
Tables of houses

To download a Demo versionclick here.