Tables of Houses (out of print)

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To calculate an astrological chart, our Tables of Houses are an essential complement to our ephemerides. They allow to determine the position of the Ascendant and the other houses.   This book is out-of-print and is no longer being published.  


  • This new international edition of the Tables of Houses, calculated entirely by computer according to the Placidus method, gives for each degree of latitude from 0 through 66 all the information necessary to establish the houses and to erect an astrological chart.
  • How to use these tables for the southern latitudes is clearly explained with an example.  
  • In the first section, this book also contains the longitudes and latitudes of 3500 major cities worldwide, as well as the time changes for several European countries.

Sample pages: Introduction and data for some latitudes

Author: Aureas - 256 pages - 15 x 21 cm format - International edition in five languages - ISBN 2-910049-03-5