The New International Ephemerides 1900-2050 (out of print)

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The New International Ephemerides 1900-2050  is the most popular volume among our astrological ephemerides, and is also the least expensive. It has become a main reference book for a large number of astrologers worldwide.   This book is out-of-print and is no longer being published.  


  • 150 years of ephemerides in a single volume (two months per page).
  • Longitudes of Sun and Moon rounded to one second of an arc.
  • Planetary longitudes rounded to one minute of an arc.
  • True and Mean Black Moon (lunar apogee) daily.
  • True and Mean Lunar Nodes daily.
  • Solar and Lunar eclipses.
  • Moon phases.
  • Times of Direct / Retrograde stations.
  • Times of Ingress for Sun, Moon and planets.
  • Listed monthly:  1) Sidereal Vernal Point and Ayanamsa for sidereal astrology,   2) Chiron's longitude,   3) Delta T Time correction.

Sample pages: January-December 2012

Author: Aureas - 944 pages - 16 x 24 cm format - International edition in five languages - ISBN 2-910049-01-9